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digitalmars.D.learn - code D'ish enough?


coming more or less from Python I just started with D. Not a real 
programmer, just automating things and looking for a neat 
compiled language.

Just to learn, I wrote a function to read CSV-like files (I know 
D has its own routine). Since I'm still a bit overwhelmed by the 
many complex language features, I'm curious what could I change 
to make my code as D'ish as possible?

Thank you for any suggestion,

// Reads CSV-like files with only numeric values in each column
// new_ndv replaces ndv, which is the original no-data-value
double[][]* readNumMatCsv(char[] filePath, char[] ndv, char[] 
{ double[][]* p_numArray;
   double[][] numArray;
   char[] line;
   string noCont = "File content not usable. Quit here.";
   string noFile = "Could not read file. Quit here.";
   string nonNum = "Found a non-numeric value in data matrix. Quit 
   Regex!char re = regex(r"(\n$)");

   { File f = File(filePath, "r");
     if((line = f.readln().dup).length > 0)
     { while (!f.eof())
       { if((line = replaceAll(f.readln().dup.replace(ndv, 
new_ndv), re, "")).length > 0)

{ foreach(i;split(line,","))
           { if(isNumeric(i) == false)
             { writeln(nonNum);
               return p_numArray;
           if(split(line,",").length > 0)
           { numArray ~= to!(double[])(split(line,","));
       p_numArray = &numArray;
     } else { writeln(noCont); }
   } else { writeln(noFile); }
   return p_numArray;
Feb 26 2017