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digitalmars.D.learn - bitfields comparison in opEquals

I have a struct with a mixin(bitfields) containing many small 
bitfields. I also have a class member in the struct.

And because I want the class member to compare by using `is` I 
need to define

     bool opEquals(const scope typeof(this) that) const  safe pure 
nothrow  nogc
         return (this.data == that.data &&
                 this.context is that.context &&

                 // these are all bitfields members
                 // TODO can we do this comparison in one go?
                 this.lang == that.lang &&
                 this.pot == that.pot &&
                 this.manner == that.manner &&
                 this.senseNr == that.senseNr &&
                 this.hasUniquePot == that.hasUniquePot &&
                 this.isHashed == that.isHashed);

Is there a way to make the bitfields-comparsion in opEquals run 
faster by somehow checking for its size in words (n) and casting 
it to size_t[n] which can be compared very fast.
Apr 26 2018