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digitalmars.D.learn - Why Pay For Learning a Foreign Language?

A major rationale behind paying to learn a new foreign language 
in a good language school is to enjoy the prospect of greater job 
opportunity and an opportunity to earn more money. But is that 
perception really true? Will learning a new language enable a 
person to earn higher salary than before? Today, there is an 
availability of increased online learning resources as well as no 
dearth of good foreign language schools. So, there is hardly any 
reason why you should not pay to learn a new foreign language, 
When you become a bilingual or multilingual, you can not only 
brag out your skills in front of your colleagues and friends but 
can also get an edge over others and stand out in a highly 
competitive job market.

For example. 25 percent of people living in the U.S., claim that 
they are able to converse in a foreign language. In fact, there 
are many people all over the world who strongly believe that 
knowing a foreign language comes extremely handy at the 
workplace. Now this belief is not exactly unfounded since there 
is a good return on investment when a person pays to learn a 
different language.

When you learn another language, there is a possibility of wage 
increases. Plus, the skill also opens up a host of excellent job 
opportunities, which would definitely be much less in the case of 
all those employees who can communicate only in a single 
language. However, the benefits do not just stop here. Paying to 
learn a new foreign language can also keep a human brain healthy 
and in good shape for a longer time period.

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Mar 10 2018