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digitalmars.D.learn - Weird (buggy) behaviour of "protected static" in classes

Hi all,

I have noticed that "protected static" doesn't work currently with 
classes. In my case, I wanted to use "static immutable", but I have 
tried regular static members and methods, and the same issue happens. 
However, the puzzling part is that protected enums (which are a valid 
workaround for me, perhaps not for others) work.

The spec [1] is a bit unclear about how that's supposed to work, 
although I tend to thing that it allows them:

protected only applies inside classes (and templates as they can be 
mixed in) and means that a symbol can only be seen by members of the 
same module, or by a derived class. If accessing a protected instance 
member through a derived class member function, that member can only be 
accessed for the object instance which can be implicitly cast to the 
same type as ‘this’. protected module members are illegal.

Is that a bug? I have to say, I think so, since it can also affect other 
symbols that are defined... for *grandchild* classes! You can see the 
multiple problems in the snippet [1]:

module dio;

public class A {
     public enum int a = 1;
     protected enum int b = 2;
     private enum int c = 3;
     public static immutable int d = 4;
     protected static immutable int e = 5;
     private static immutable int f = 6;

     protected static struct S { }

public class A2 {
     protected static struct S { }

import dio;

class B : A {
     pragma(msg, "The value of A.a is: ", typeof(super).a);
     pragma(msg, "The value of A.b is: ", typeof(super).b);
     //pragma(msg, "The value of A.c is: ", typeof(super).c); // 
Expected failure
     pragma(msg, "The value of A.d is: ", typeof(super).d);
     pragma(msg, "The value of A.e is: ", typeof(super).e); // *BUG* 
Comment this line and *BOTH* errors will go away!!
     //pragma(msg, "The value of A.f is: ", typeof(super).f); // 
Expected failure

     S s;

class C : B {
     S s;

class B2 : A2 {
     S s;
class C2 : B2 {
     S s;

void main()

The most shocking thing is that it is C's access to A.S that gets 
affected, I think that must be a compiler bug. Still, it would be nice 
to confirm that "protected static" is supposed to work as intuitively 



[1]: https://glot.io/snippets/f4a1b3x4sf
Aug 28 2018