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digitalmars.D.learn - WeakRef implementation

Is this implementation of WeakRef correct? Is it portable? I 
tested it and it seems to work, but I'm not real familiar with 
the runtime or the GC. Also is there any way to convert this into 
a struct instead of class? (Not possible this way due to frame 
pointer for onDispose)

extern (C) void rt_attachDisposeEvent(Object, void 
extern (C) void rt_detachDisposeEvent(Object, void 

class WeakRef(T) if (is(T == class)) {
	this(T element) {
		address = *cast(size_t*)&element - offset;
		rt_attachDisposeEvent(element, &onDispose);

	private extern (C) void onDispose(Object _) {
		assert(_ is element);
		address = 0 - offset;

	alias element this;

	inout(T) element() inout {
		size_t result = address + offset;
		return *cast(typeof(return)*)&result;

	private static immutable size_t offset = 16_785_407;
	private size_t address;

auto weakRef(T)(T element) {
	return new WeakRef!T(element);
Jul 13 2019