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digitalmars.D.learn - Upgrade woes : Eclipse/DDT/Linux , compile takes forever and other

I'm on Linux 64-bit. I recently upgraded Eclipse to 4.3.2 and DDT
to 0.10.1 ... and at first I couldn't compile a thing anymore.

After googling some more, and burning a few more neurons, I
finally gathered some clues and narrowed the quest to the
dub.json file. I pieced together the following :

      "name" : "gtklessons",
      "description" : "A minimal D bundle.",
      "targetType" : "executable",
      "dependencies" : {
          "gtk-d:gtkd": ">=2.3.1"

which somehow enables the build to complete.

The keys here were the line

      "targetType" : "executable",

together with the "dependencies" section.

There still are a bunch of things I don't get. First, building
takes forever, even with a very simple and short source, where it
used to take an insignificant number of seconds.

Then, a whole bunch of files I didn't ask for poped up in my
userland, more or less the whole gtkd package, sources and all,
even though it is already installed on the system (namely
/usr/include/dmd/gtkd2/). There must be a more clever way.

Third, isn't there a way to set all this at the IDE or working
set level instead of project-by-project ?

And finally I find that the number of options that can and must
go in this dub.json file is way too high, and that said options
are somehow poorly documented. Are there some easy-access
reference out there ?

And oh, the reason I updated in the first place was that I
understood that debugging was better with the newest version of
DDT. I must have missed something here too, because I still
can't properly debug as in "step-by-step in the source code". Any
hint ?
May 24 2014