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digitalmars.D.learn - Update Some Bindings (LLVM)

Now that llvm-3.2 (http://llvm.org/) has been released I would 
like to use the llvm-c bindings from within D. I have found that 
the most up to date d bindings we seem to have are llvm-3.0 

Does anyone know how these bindings where made if so are you able 
to update them, otherwise does anyone know how I can make my own 
bindings to llvm-c 3.2, preferably automatically or with as 
little manual binding writing on my part, but I don't mind doing 
some if I have to I just have no idea how.

Also it seems that the current bindings are not just a simple 
binding from C to D because but have some kind of c++ code that 
provides D with some C extern function  that I am not sure of why 
they are there as, ofc, there is no real documentation (haven't 
really looked that closely at them aswell).

So can someone update the llvm-c bindings or tell me how they 
where done originally so I may try my hand at it.
Dec 23 2012