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digitalmars.D.learn - Thread synchronization context

Hello everyone,

Recently, a few days ago I discovered dlang and I really like it. 
It's a programming language which meets to my idea of what a 
modern programming language should look like. I decided to do one 
project in it.

Now I am addressing one problem. I have two threads, one main and 
the other for a communication. How can I call a method from a 
communication thread in the context of the main thread? Something 

An example:

alias PacketEventHandler = synchronized void delegate (Object 
sender, PacketEventArg e);

public class TcpClient : Thread
	public this()
		_socket = new Socket(AddressFamily.INET,  SocketType.STREAM);
                 _socket.blocking = false;
		PacketReceived = &client_packetReceived;

	protected void Execute()
		_socket.connect(new InternetAddress(_address, _port));
		while (!_terminated)
			ubyte[] receivedBuffer = new ubyte[_packetSize];
			auto received = _socket.receive(receivedBuffer)
                         if (PacketReceived !is null) 
PacketReceived(this, new PacketEventArg(receivedBuffer));//that 
delegate I would like to call from the context of main thread


         public PacketEventHandler PacketReceived;

	void client_packetReceived(Object sender, PacketEventArg e)
	      writeln("received byte0: ", e.dataPacket[0]);	

Thank you for any answers
Oct 22 2019