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digitalmars.D.learn - The new import expression

reply Olli Aalto <odeamus dystopia.fi> writes:

I started experimenting with the new import feature in 1.005. I thought 
to test if I could get a simple compile time resource loading scheme 
going for a small game, but I'm getting access violations when using the 
data block returned by the import.

I'll attach the module I wrote to test this. It uses derelict for SDL.
The access violation happens on the line containing the call to IMG_Load_RW.

Am I doing it wrong or does SDL have a problem with this? Or is this 
something that's not even supposted to work yet?

Feb 13 2007
parent Olli Aalto <odeamus dystopia.fi> writes:
Disregard what I wrote. I'm obviously too tired.

Feb 13 2007