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digitalmars.D.learn - System requirements for compiling/linking big D codebases


For the sake of people habituated to compiling compilers from 
source, is it possible to add to the dmd_linux page the 64-bit 
hardware resource requirements for compiling DMD/Phobos from 
source? Ideally, with the defaults and also with 2.086's -lowmem 
switch? Maybe an ever-green link, to those numbers seen on the CI 
infrastructure when building the release?

I hope it is not out of the way for users to compile DMD from 
source, since I guess people do it for Rust, OCaml, etc. all the 
time (and, compiling GCC in stages isn't rare either). -lowmem 
hopefully will make the compiler's compilation memory usage as 
palatable as other compilers'.

I have had to incompletely discover this info. What I have seen 
is that compiling takes maybe 1G disk dpace, linking DMD doesn't 
even take 1G of RAM, whereas 3+G available RAM isn't enough for 
linking Phobos. Short of waiting for Gentoo's dlang to move on 
from 2.085 so that I have recourse to -lowmem, I would have to 
chuck more RAM into an older system that actually compiles GCC, 
libstdc++, OCaml, etc. just fine.

- Cheers.
Jun 17 2019