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digitalmars.D.learn - Strange behaviour in templates (Another bug?)

I'm trying to learn template meta programming in D. To do this, I'm working
on a  meta state machine like Boost.MSM 

States are types and can have sub states. If they do, they need to have
an attribut 'SubStates', which should be a TypeTuble with the 
sub states.

The task at hand is: Given a State and a list of all States, create
a list of all parents of State including State itself.

This code (http://paste.pocoo.org/show/506154/) ought to do this
and it works sometimes. 

You can make to interesting observations of this code:

In its current form, 'dmd test.d -unittest' will print: "
But if you uncomment the first pragma() in the unittest block, it will print
If you change the body of ParentsDesc to
 alias TypeTuple!() Result;
it will also print
Although the static if in ParentsDesc is never true in this example. What's going on?
Nov 11 2011