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digitalmars.D.learn - Silent compile error

Changed compilers from dmd 2.060 to dmd 2.062, running on Windows 
7. Got a couple of errors relating to imports that I fixed but 
now it crashes with no indication of what went wrong. A Windows 
message dialog pops up stating that dmd.exe has stopped working. 
The "details" are posted below.

The compiler phase is "semantic main", but no messages even with 
the verbose switch on.

Does this look familiar to anyone? I'll keep debugging it, but 
I'd like to know if this is a known problem.


Problem signature:
   Problem Event Name:	APPCRASH
   Application Name:	dmd.exe
   Application Version:
   Application Timestamp:	00000000
   Fault Module Name:	dmd.exe
   Fault Module Version:
   Fault Module Timestamp:	00000000
   Exception Code:	c0000005
   Exception Offset:	00009077
   OS Version:	6.1.7601.
   Locale ID:	1033
   Additional Information 1:	c0d2
   Additional Information 2:	c0d2fd7c47233db608dcc0a8dfa7e295
   Additional Information 3:	19cf
   Additional Information 4:	19cfc3add1f2abf5fa65b2a367d1b143
May 08 2013