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digitalmars.D.learn - Show you the best Tivo file to iPad 3 Converter

If there is a solution on how to transfer TiVo file to iPad 3, 
that will be fine to watch my favorite video during a long trip. 
A simple TiVo to MP4 conversion will solve this problem to help 
you get a high definition iPad 3 video from TiVo.

Firstly need a TiVo desktop to transfer TiVo files to PC or 

After you transferred TiVo file to PC, then download and launch 
TiVo to iPad 3 Converter

After this TiVo video to iPad 3 converter was launched, click the 
add button to load the TiVo files from PC.
Then choose iPad 3 compatible format. Here is an example, iPad 
3(New iPad) Full HD Video (*.mp4).

If you want to trim the unwanted advertisement section, you can 
click that pencil icon and go to the Trim option to cut down the 
unwanted part.

The last step is to click that big convert button and start the 
TiVo file to iPad 3 conversion. The speed is fast due to it 
adopts CUDA acceleration tech.

May 30 2013