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digitalmars.D.learn - Should this library binding work?


After looking for alternatives to my megaproject of porting LZHAM 
to D (since it had several issues, I'll salvaging my tar 
implementation as well as another archive format meant for 
application data storage), I found out that zstandard not only 
has better ratios than DEFLATE, but also faster (LZHAM was a bit 
below DEFLATE decompression-wise with poor compression rate, 
probably due to poor implementation). So I thought I'll make a 
new binding for zstandard instead as the old one is abandoned 
pretty much at this point.

Currently it compiles, I'll write a testcase for it to see if it 
can load a DLL file tomorrow. I don't really have any real way to 
test it on OSX, might try to test it under Linux since I have a 
second machine with it.
Dec 26 2018