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digitalmars.D.learn - Second Language Acquisition - Dogme & Direct Method

The Dogme method, based on the writing of Scott Thornbury, 
“considers language learning to be a process where language 
emerges rather than one where it is acquired”. The entire method 
is based on conversation and the teaching (or in group lessons 
‘moderation’) as such does not follow specific syllabus. While 
there is considerable criticism on this method (especially if 
followed strictly avoiding all text-material), interestingly it 
represents an excellent example of point (B) highlighted above – 
tapping into “Primary Language Acquisition Process Methods”. Also 
in Children Primary Language Acquisition very little 
text-material is used. (Picture-)Books are material to support a 
learning process entirely based on conversation. Almost every 
person went through this apparently highly effective process; the 
efficiency of this approach for Adult Education depends on the 
overall curriculum (eg intensity of program, frequency of 
lessons, setup of lessons). To elaborate on the efficiency it has 
to be noted that Children follow this approach over 1-2 years 
fulltime (in the “direct method”, see below). Furthermore the 
method was developed with very specific (e.g. non-tonal) 
languages in mind. Learning for example Chinese without basic 
graphical illustrations of tones or letters might be challenging.

Apr 03 2018