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digitalmars.D.learn - OT: in economic terms Moore's Law is already dead

reply Laeeth Isharc <laeeth kaleidic.io> writes:

At the same time as the arrival of Optane persistent storage in 
relatively chest machines changes the game a bit.

If storage prices do keep falling at 40% annualised or 
thereabouts, it's possible one might see a little more respect 
being given the writing performant code than currently.
Jul 17 2019
parent Kagamin <spam here.lot> writes:
TBH modern computers are obscenely powerful, I just spent weeks 
on celeron 1.8GHz 2mb L2 cache 2gb ram computer and didn't see 
any slowness on it despite some bloated software in python and a 
strange text editor pluma that ate 150mb ram just editing a plain 
text file, I swear it's not based on electron, most operations 
were seemingly io-bound. On my notebook I downclocked i7 to 50% 
to reduce it to a decent TDP, there was a reduction in 
performance... probably, because I don't see it without 
reference, i7 was a mistake, honestly.
Jul 20 2019