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digitalmars.D.learn - Need help to understand how to work with tkd

reply "Suliman" <evermind live.ru> writes:
Now I am trying to learn how to build GUI apps in D. But I have 
some troubles.


1. I can't understand how to set window size in example on page 
above. I looked at docs and found only how to create new window. 
But here I do not see any procedure that create window and set 
it's params. I see only initInterface.

2. Do I right understand that all GUI stuff should be placed only 
class Application : TkdApplication

3. I need to get file name from dialog and use it's for example 
in main
	override protected void initInterface()
string fileToOpen = dialog.getResult();


How I can get fileToOpen from main or another instance. Could you 
show example?
Feb 18 2015
next sibling parent reply "Kagamin" <spam here.lot> writes:
Yeah, the docs navigation sucks 
Feb 18 2015
parent "Suliman" <evermind live.ru> writes:
For my regret I need example to understand how to work with шею 
Could you show me at last passing fileToOpen to another instance?
Feb 18 2015
prev sibling parent "Gary Willoughby" <dev nomad.so> writes:
On Wednesday, 18 February 2015 at 08:19:25 UTC, Suliman wrote:
 Now I am trying to learn how to build GUI apps in D. But I have 
 some troubles.
Read the README file in the repository. Then fully read the documentation inside the `docs` folder. Then there is an example application in `source/example/example.d` which shows you everything you've asked for. At least try and help yourself!
Feb 18 2015