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digitalmars.D.learn - I can't build dsfml2 or derelict.sfml whit dsss

reply =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Cuauht=E9moc_Ledesma?= <cuktasmail gmail.com> writes:
First at all sorry for my english.

I've tried to build any binding of sfml in a 32-bit machine with archlinux.
My problem with dsfml2 is similar to this
After installing mingw32-pthreads (what i don't know if is the correct
library) the problem persist and I don't know which library link. But this
only happens when i try to compile an individual file with dmd, not with
"dsss build".

After trying to build derelict (using the command "dsss net install
derelict") to get derelict.sfml, I figured that the problem maybe is dsss,
becouse every time I invoke it the output is as if I hadn't written anything
after the dsss command, what is not true. I know that there is a derelict2
packages in yaourt, but i get some errors when I try to install it.

This is insane , I can't get any binding of this particular library becouse
I can't even get that the tools work properly (I also tried in a mac but I
get some different errors). So if any one can help me to solve any of this
problems I will extremly grateful.

Sep 21 2011
next sibling parent deadalnix <deadalnix gmail.com> writes:
DSFML2 doesn't exist right now. So no doubt you'll have trouble to 
compile it. I don't know what you are try to achieve, but definitively 
not what you believe.

Note that my answer in the mentionned link give you all you need to use 
SFML with D.

SFML2 is currently on a devellopement stage, so is DSFML2. Considering 
the current stage of DSFML2, you don't want to use it right now.

prev sibling next sibling parent Trass3r <un known.com> writes:
DSFML2's dsss file is just a remnant from the old DSFML.
Also I don't really update DSFML2 anymore. A SWIG wrapper would be a  
better idea but it's hard to make it use our custom system module instead  
of wrapping the original one.

In general using dsss isn't advisable, since rebuild is horribly outdated.
Sep 22 2011
prev sibling parent Mike Parker <aldacron gmail.com> writes: