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digitalmars.D.learn - How to use the 'ExecuteShell','execv','execvp' open the

If you offen open the  'forum.dlang.org',always want to open the 
web quickly,
but how to use the 'ExecuteShell','execv','execvp' open the 

module main;

import std.process,std.stdio;

void main()
	const string[] urls =["http://localhost:8080"];
	const string  s ="iexplore.exe";
	string url = "iexplore.exe http://forum.dlang.org/";
	auto i =executeShell(url);//escapeShellCommand("wget", url)
	if(i.status !=0) writeln("fail open:",i);
	else writeln(i.output);

Thank you.
May 12 2014