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A healthcare facility called River's Edge Hospital and Clinic in 
Minnesota is using a special video interpretation service that 
can connect an interpreter with a patient through a video 
conference to offer necessary interpretation services.If the 
patient feels that there is an inadequacy in the interpretation 
services provided to them, they may complain about the hospital 
to the state Department of Human Rights.

It is a special video conference service that offers a convenient 
and affordable means to get in touch with an interpreter whose 
services could be needed only on certain occasions. Stephanie 
Holden, the CMO of the hospital said that the service was started 
at the hospital about a year ago.

She shared that her hospital has just migrated from phone to 
video. It has been a good change for them to have this special 
video service available. Both the patient and the healthcare 
providers can see the interpreter simultaneously. Holden feels 
that there is a greater value when the faces of the interpreters 
can be seen rather than just hearing their voices. She also added 
that the step taken by the hospital has fetched them positive 
reviews on the satisfaction surveys conducted on their patients.

On an average, the hospital uses this service about 5 to 10 times 
every month. Mostly, the patients in the emergency and urgent 
care department use this interpretation service. The hospital 
only uses those interpreters who are certified in healthcare 
interpretation services.

Apr 11 2018