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digitalmars.D.learn - HexString and "Invalid trailing code unit" error

TDPL, page 37, says:

"Hex strings are useful for defining raw data; the compiler makes 
no attempt whatsoever to interpret the contents as Unicode 
characters or anything else but hexadecimal digits."


static immutable (char[32])  s0 = x"0000";    // compiles
static string                s1 = x"cccc";    // compiles
static immutable (char[])    s2 = x"cccc";    // compiles
static immutable (char[32])  s3 = x"cccc";    // Error: Invalid 
trailing code unit
static immutable (char[32])  s4 = x"cc";      // Error: Truncated 
UTF-8 sequence
static immutable (ubyte[])   s5 = x"cccc";    // Error: cannot 
implicitly convert ...

static immutable (ubyte[32]) s6 = x"cccc";    // Error: Invalid 
trailing code unit
                                               // Error: cannot 
implicitly convert ...

"Invalid trailing code unit" and "Truncated UTF-8 sequence" 
certainly look like Unicode interpretation errors to me.

(Of course, what I would really like to do is initialize a ubyte 
array with a hex string, preferably without a cast.)

I cannot find any relevant documentation on either of these pages.

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks!
Nov 27 2013