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reply "Matthieu" <matthieukern gmail.com> writes:

I'm trying to handle the fact that an attribute has change since
I've set it for the first time (by desialising a bson), to
abstract the only-modified fields update with vibe.d and mongodb,
without storing two times the values. The idea is to have
something like that :

class Base {
      // The code to handle the fact that an attribute has been

      void update() {
          // Update only the fields that have been modified since

class A : Base {
      int field1;

void main() {
      A test = deserializeBson!A(bson);
      test.update(); // Does not updates anything

      test.field1 = 12;
      test.update(); // Now updates the 'field1' field

I've search a way to modify my methods source code at compile
time, but it seems to be impossible. So I thought that it should
be possible to rewrite the  property working, but I can't find
anything about this. Is it possible ? And if it's not, is there a
way to do what I want to do ?

Aug 17 2014
parent "Matthieu" <matthieukern gmail.com> writes:
I found this, which excactly is what I want to do :

So in other terms, I want to abstract that, maybe with an UDA ?
But can I do this without compile time code changes ?

Thanks again!
Aug 17 2014