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digitalmars.D.learn - Getting started with separate compilation

My project [1] has enough language coverage to expose two issues 
that break compilation.

1. Stack overflow in ddmd/dtemplate.d:6241, 
2. -allinst gives undefined reference linker errors; 

It's also of a size large enough that the memory needed to 
compile makes CircleCI kill the process. Locally I generally need 
to close my browsers to be able to build. I'd throw money at all 
these three problems if I knew it would help. #dbugfix :c

Everything speaks for abandoning dub and moving ahead with 
something with which I can separately compile parts of the 
program for less memory, and use -allinst on key files to avoid 
issue 1 without triggering issue 2. --build-mode=singleFile 
exists, but I don't see anything in dub that would let me apply 
-allinst on a per-file basis.

Are there any guides on where to get started with this? Any 

Can dub still be used to some extent?

[1]: https://github.com/zorael/kameloso
Sep 15 2018