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digitalmars.D.learn - GUI library using interfaces

Hi, D guru :)

  I'm trying to get used to D. So I'd like to ask - is there any GUI library
for D which would focus on representing forms, controls, etc using
interfaces (COM is not too acceptable) instead of classes?
  This question may seem like a noob question, but I ask as Delphi
programmer with expierience. You see, using classes has its drawbacks - too
strong coupling with GUI code. GUI changes - its classes signatures also
change. Applications with plugins suffer much - dynamic linking (I mean
linking to DLL) is impossible. Linking GUI code into plugins makes plugin
size like of host application itself. Every next release of compiler also
makes me rebuild host application and plugins. BPL solution of Borland has
also these difficulties.

  Any suggestions?

Oct 06 2007