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digitalmars.D.learn - Exceptions from WinMain

Hi folks,

The example of setting up a Win32 program in D is a great 
starting point, but I have a concern about manually setting up 
and tearing down the D runtime.

If myWinMain throws an exception that isn't caught, then it is 
caught in WinMain instead.  This causes us to miss the call to 

My solution was to call RunTime.terminate in a scope(exit) block, 
which assures that terminate would be called.  This still doesn't 
seem fully correct, since we ignore the return value of 
initialise and terminate, which complicates things a bit more.  
If I were to throw on a false from initialise then I would call 
terminate (obviously not good...)

Ultimately my question is: Is there a "safer" way to start a 
Win32 program, or should I assume that myWinMain cannot throw?

D is still relatively new to me, so I chances are high I missed 
something obvious :)

Feb 19 2013