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digitalmars.D.learn - Dlang + QtE5 + "Qt Designer": How convert .ui to .d Grafic Interface?

reply Marcone <marcone email.com> writes:

I use Dlang with QtE5 to make my programs with GUI.
I want to design my program with "Qt Designer" and convert .ui 
file to .d file for use with Dlang + QtE5.

In Python, Ruby, C++ you can designe GUI using "Qt Designer" and 
convert to respective language using uic.exe.

I found this duic convert, but is in C++ and yet not compiled. I 
don't develop in C++, so I can't compile. Someon can compile it 
to duic.exe, send to internet and send me the link for download? 
thank you.

duic.cpp link: 
Nov 14 2019
parent Ferhat =?UTF-8?B?S3VydHVsbXXFnw==?= <aferust gmail.com> writes:
On Thursday, 14 November 2019 at 19:07:56 UTC, Marcone wrote:

 I use Dlang with QtE5 to make my programs with GUI.
If QT is is not a must, you can go for gtkd + Glade designer. I wrote a small utility to work together with Glade and gtkd. please note that it doesn't convert all fields of Glade file into a d source as at designer does. https://github.com/aferust/makegtkdclass
Nov 14 2019