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digitalmars.D.learn - Diet template is crush

reply Suliman <evermind live.ru> writes:
I can't understand why follow code is crushing:

string error = "503 Server error!";
int error_code = 503;
res.render!("error.dt", error, error_code);

on res string (last in code above) I am getting error:
CoreTaskFiber was terminated unexpectedly: Access Violation

error.dt http://paste.code123.org/91ea2dc1-7396

If delete part:

	- if (error_code == 404)
	- else

All work fine. It's seems that something wrong with args `error, 
Jun 28 2017
parent Suliman <evermind live.ru> writes:
It's look like issue in another part of code...
Jun 28 2017