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I have been using D for more than 15 years now. But since I 
haven't done anything Note Worthy, I'll just post here in the 
newbie pen, even though I think my message is important.

I just watched an episode of Computerphile about Type Theory.

I wish, that Andrei would take a look at it.

D seems to be a language that can cover all the levels of 
abstraction that C++ does, and then some. (1) D also covers the 
entire gamut of elementary to "deep shit" just smoothly without 
discontinuities, which makes it pretty unique. (That is, IMHO 
Lisp has a problem with the lower end of abstraction -- from a 
Real World Computing point of view.)


Combining the practical strength and abstraction power of D with 
this new paradigm, simply begs a visit from the likes of Andrei. 
(And of course all other heavy weight hitters!)

Thank you for your time

(1): The lowest possible level being assembly language, and the 
highest being something we have yet to develop. (Not invent, 
because this is a step-by-step process. But it is painfully 
obvious that D reaches way higher than C++ in this regard 

D exceeds C++ at the upper end. Above that we find Lisp. I 
wouldn't call it a tie between D and Lisp, but they are close.

Now, embracing Type Theory in a natural way, could give D a 
/practical/ advantage, if not a /theoretical/ one over Lisp.

And that was the idea with this post. We need to set our 
ambitions high, just like Elon Musk does.
Feb 07 2018