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reply Debug'n <NotRealEmail email.com> writes:
How can I set up a D debugger?

So, I've been trying to get a D debugger set up and I've been 
having a pretty difficult time doing so. Hoping someone can point 
me towards the right direction. The compiler I'm using is DMD (32 
bit) v2.075.0 on Windows. I've seen the list of debuggers below 
but it's been a mix of results:


-I don't want anything to do with Mago since it appears to be 
tied with VS
-ddbg appears to be dead
-WinDbg and OllyDbg 2 kind of work

WinDbg will allow me to step through lines of code which is great 
but I can't seem to get a list of declared variables and their 
values. If I knew how to get such a list I'd be happy. OllyDbg 2 
can debug but it appears to be on an assembly level. I don't want 
to even go there. It also seems to lack a variables list like 
WinDbg. I'd be fine with GDB if that worked but it chokes on any 
D compiled program I pass to it. Unsure if I am missing flags 
when compiling or something else. I'm hoping I am just doing 
something stupid.

Advice appreciated.

Jul 28 2017
parent reply Kagamin <spam here.lot> writes:
People who don't use IDE, use printf debugging.
Jul 29 2017
parent reply Eugene Wissner <belka caraus.de> writes:
On Saturday, 29 July 2017 at 14:41:32 UTC, Kagamin wrote:
 People who don't use IDE, use printf debugging.
or gdb which has several GUI-frontends if needed.
Jul 29 2017
parent Kagamin <spam here.lot> writes:
gdb wants dwarf debug info, windows uses codeview.
Jul 31 2017