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digitalmars.D.learn - DIP1000 & Owning Containers

DIP1000 has a section on owning containers where it shows that 
you can have a reference to a member of a struct that will not 
outlive the struct itself. This seems to work through the 
function opAssign being scope ref.

Why wouldn't you normally be allowed to make a scoped pointer to 
a member of a struct? By contrast, it says near the top that you 
can use scope to annotate non-static member functions and 
delegates, which would be other examples of interior pointers, 
but no mention of members.

Also, I don't really have a good sense of how DIP1000 will be 
implemented. If I got a reference to payload in that Owned 
Containers section, then surely the compiler would know what that 
some instance of RefCountedSlice is the owner, at least at 
compile-time. Would it be possible to have a trait that is like 
getOwner(payload) and maybe have it return a string for the name 
of the instance?
Jan 08 2018