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digitalmars.D.learn - Compiling DOtherSide

Well, I use Ubuntu 14.04 and I have managed to get qt5.5 at my 
/opt/qt55 since the default(usr/lib) directory is occupied by 
qt4. Since DOtherSide looks for qt5 from usr/lib, how do I change 
it to now point to /opt/qt55?

This is the setup in /opt/qt55

karabuta mx:/opt/qt55$ ls
bin       icudtl.dat  lib      phrasebooks  
doc       imports     libexec  plugins      share
examples  include     mkspecs  qml          translations

and DOtherSide is at /home/DOtherSide

karabuta mx:~/DOtherSide$ ls
build  CHANGELOG.md  CMakeLists.txt  LICENSE  README.md  src  test
Nov 02 2015