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digitalmars.D.learn - Comparison of TickDuration and StopWatch.peek

Hello everyone,

I have the following code snippet:

import core.time:    TickDuration;
import std.datetime: StopWatch, AutoStart;

void main()
    auto wait  =3D TickDuration.from!`msecs`(1000);
    auto timer =3D StopWatch(AutoStart.yes);

    while (timer.peek < wait) // Okay.
    { }

    while (wait >=3D timer.peek) // Compile error.
    { }

I would like to know why the second =E2=80=98while=E2=80=99 doesn't compile=
. The error is:

comparison.d(13): Error: function core.time.TickDuration.opCmp (ref
const(TickDuration) rhs) const is not callable using argument types
comparison.d(13): Error: timer.peek() is not an lvalue

which I don't really understand. There shouldn't be a difference in
=E2=80=98<=E2=80=99 and =E2=80=98>=3D=E2=80=99 apart from their result, or =
should there be? =3D/ Same
thing happens for =E2=80=98>=E2=80=99.

Also, I can use =E2=80=98peek=E2=80=99 without parenthesis even though it i=
sn't marked
as  property on dlang.org, am I missing something? I probably read the
spec incorrectly somewhere for this one.

Thanks, Matej
Feb 28 2012