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digitalmars.D.learn - Comparing In-Person Interpretation Vs Video Interpretation

In recent years, thanks to the rapid and continuous advancements 
in the field of technology, more companies are doing businesses 
across borders. Hence, language interpretation services have 
become extremely crucial in today's world. There are different 
types of interpretation services such as video interpretation, 
face-to-face interpretation, and telephone interpretation. The 
question is which one is the most superior. The answer to this 
question is that each type has its own share of pros and cons. 
The difference between in-person and video interpretation can be 
understood by trying to understand their features.

In-Person Interpretation

In a majority of scenarios, face-to-face interpretation is the 
best choice. Since an interpreter is physically present inside 
the room, he or she can easily read the facial expression and the 
body language of the speaker. Thus an in-person interpreter can 
easily pick up finer nuisances like when a topic requires further 
explanation, has a query or a speaker is confused.

Video Interpretation

Such an interpretation service can save your time or money. When 
you are unable to get a professional interpretation service 
nearby, the best option for you is to go for a video interpreting 
or telephone interpreting service. Video interpreting service is 
a remote one and is an excellent choice in emergency situations 
like at a hospital's Emergency Room. Cost is an important factor 
for choosing it since you need to spend more for ensuring the 
travel of a professional interpreter to your site.

Mar 27 2018