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HI All,

   Request your help, in the below code the output from main 
(writeln(columns[0][])) function is like ["Miller", "John", 
"Millman", "Zsuwalski"] where as the writeln(col[0]) from the 
function master is as below, so how do i get the output same as 
in main from the function master.

CSV file content
Miller, America, 23
John, Africa, 42

Output from function master

alias ColumnTypes = AliasSeq!(string, string, int);

auto readData(string fName) {
auto uFile = File(fName, "r");
Tuple!( staticMap!(Array, ColumnTypes) ) res;
foreach (record; 
uFile.byLineCopy().joiner("\n").csvReader!(Tuple!ColumnTypes)) {
		foreach(i, T; ColumnTypes) { res[i].insert(record[i]); }
	return res;

auto master(T)(ref Array!T col) {
writeln(col[0]);  // The output2 is  Miller
                   //                  America
                    //                    23

void main() {
auto fName = 
auto columns = readData(fName);
writeln(columns[0][]);  // The output1 is ["Miller", "John"]
foreach(i, ColT; ColumnTypes) {

Jan 07 2018