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digitalmars.D.learn - Cannot compile dmd2

I downloaded dmd2 nightly and tried to compile the compiler using 
the visual studio project. Using VS2014

I got several errors. There seems to be issue with locations of 
things in the project.

1. I had to download default_ddoc_theme.ddoc from the net and put 
it in /dmd2/src/dmd/vcbuild so the build could find it.

2. I had to copy verstr.h to 
dmd2\src\generated\Windows\Debug\Win32 from 

3. Had to add the -J/dmd2/src/dmd/vcbuild for step 1

4. (had to fix up proper include dirs for ucrt in VS 2015 but 
that seems to be a VS issue)

5. These got me to the error

Cannot open include file: 'stdio.h': No such file or 
directory	\dmd2\src\dmd\ddmd\backend\optabgen.c	18	dmd_backend

I have no idea where this file is looking for stdio.h(probably 
the complete include dir) as I specified the path to the 
VS2015\ucrt\include in the configuration of the project(which 
solved some other errors about missing includes).

If there is a separate build process from the dmd_backend vcproj 
that builds some other files, the include dir is probably wrong 
or needs fixing up... but I have no idea how to proceed to solve 
this problem.

Mar 16 2017