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reply "DypthroposTheImposter" <mcbracket gmail.com> writes:
  Hey I was wondering which platforms D works on, and more 
specifically which ones it can work together with C++11(so not 
DMD C++ since that isn't C++11(I think)).

  To my knowledge...

Windows - Yes can build a D DLL and call it from C++
Linux - Yes ^
MacOS - Yes ^

iOS - I don't think iOS allows use of a DLL? So this might 
require the C++/D to be statically linked? I think this might be 
possible with GCD/GCC?

Android - Android lets you have DLL's so I think this works..

Windows Metro(x86) - No dynamic linking, C++/cx is only support 
on MS C++ compiler. Can perhaps use DMD 64 bit upcoming support 
to statically link it in...?

Windows RT(ARM) - No dynamic linking, C++/cx is only support on 
MS C++ compiler. Is 32 bit right now so I think it is possible to 
use D with C++ here? Am I wrong? And DMD doesn't support ARM that 
I know of..

Are there any issues with D's runtime on any of these 
platforms(ie not supported..)?

Console platforms might work if they support GCC compiler?

Nov 08 2012
parent Benjamin Thaut <code benjamin-thaut.de> writes:
Afaik druntime does not support: iOS, Windows Metro, Windows RT(ARM).

GDC is only a frontend for gcc, so if you do some magic you might be 
able to get D to work on any platform that gcc can support. But only if 
you manage to get the d runtime running on that platform.

I know that someone managed to get gdc to work with android and partly 
ported druntime over to android.

For consoles I don't really know, but I think that it will be rader hard 
to get it working there.

Kind Regards
Benjamin Thaut
Nov 08 2012