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On Saturday, 16 January 2016 at 03:14:01 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
 On Saturday, 16 January 2016 at 01:27:32 UTC, Andre Polykanine 
 Does anyone have an actual example of, say, a simple form with 
 a set of radio buttons or check boxes to start with?
 Thanks in advance!
Sort of. I still haven't used it in a real world program so it isn't complete but here's one of my test programs: --- import arsd.minigui; void main() { auto window = new MainWindow(); auto exitAction = new Action("E&xit"); exitAction.triggered ~= { window.close(); }; window.statusTip = "D ROX!"; auto button = new Checkbox("Uses D!", window); button.isChecked = true; auto hlayout = new HorizontalLayout(window); auto gb = new Fieldset("Type", hlayout); auto gb2 = new Fieldset("cool", hlayout); auto boxlol1 = new Radiobox("Test", gb); auto boxlol2 = new Radiobox("Test2", gb2); auto boxlol3 = new Radiobox("Test", gb); auto boxlol4 = new Radiobox("Test2", gb2); auto group = new MutuallyExclusiveGroup(); group.addMember(new Radiobox("Heavyweight", gb)); auto btn = group.addMember(new Radiobox("Small library", gb)); btn.isChecked = true; btn.statusTip = "205 KB exe on Windows"; //auto spinner = new Spinner(window); ComboboxBase cb = new DropDownSelection(window); cb.addOption("test"); cb.addOption("cool"); cb.setSelection(1); //cb.addEventListener("changed", (Event ev) { //auto bm = new MessageBox("changed " ~ cb.options[cb.selection]); //}); // FIXME: adding this to gb2 instead of window causes wtf stuff cb = new ComboBox(window); cb.addOption("test"); cb.addOption("cool"); cb.setSelection(1); cb = new FreeEntrySelection(window); cb.addOption("test"); cb.addOption("cool"); cb.setSelection(1); auto lineEdit = new LineEdit(window); auto menu = new MenuBar(); auto fileMenu = new Menu("&File"); auto exitButton = fileMenu.addItem(new MenuItem(exitAction)); menu.addItem(fileMenu); window.loop(); } --- On Windows, it uses the native controls, so it should work reasonably well, though on Linux it does its own thing and is far from complete. BTW simplewindow doesn't seem to compile on newest dmd because of the new core.sys.windows.windows so I'll have to update that if you're on the newest release...
While searching for a minigui example in Google, you likely will find this old outdated example. Therefore I answer this very old post. Here a new example from Adam: module menutest; import arsd.minigui; struct Info { string name; string email; } class MyWindow : MainWindow { this() { super("Menu Demo", 250, 400); setMenuAndToolbarFromAnnotatedCode(this); statusTip = "gnarley"; textEdit = new TextEdit(this); auto hl = new HorizontalLayout(this); auto btn = new Button("test", hl); auto btn2 = new Button("test", hl); btn.addEventListener("click", () { messageBox("You clicked"); }); btn2.addEventListener(EventType.triggered, () { dialog!Info((info) { import std.conv; textEdit.content = to!string(info); }); }); textEdit.content = "generic content here"; } TextEdit textEdit; menu("File") { toolbar("") icon(GenericIcons.New) accelerator("Ctrl+Shift+N") void New() { textEdit.content = ""; } toolbar("") icon(GenericIcons.Open) accelerator("Ctrl+O") void Open() { getOpenFileName( (string s) { //import std.file; //textEdit.content = (readText(s)); } ); } toolbar("") icon(GenericIcons.Save) void Save() accelerator("Ctrl+S") { getSaveFileName( (string s) {} ); } void SaveAs() {} separator void Exit() accelerator("Alt+F4") { this.close(); } } menu("Edit") { toolbar("") icon(GenericIcons.Undo) accelerator("Ctrl+Z") void Undo() {} toolbar("") icon(GenericIcons.Redo) accelerator("Ctrl+R") void Redo() {} separator toolbar("") icon(GenericIcons.Cut) accelerator("Ctrl+X") void Cut() {} toolbar("") icon(GenericIcons.Copy) accelerator("Ctrl+C") void Copy() {} toolbar("") icon(GenericIcons.Paste) accelerator("Ctrl+V") void Paste() {} } menu("Help") { accelerator("F1") void Topics() {} separator void About() {} } } void main() { auto window = new MyWindow(); window.loop(); } Kind regards Andre
Aug 17 2019