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digitalmars.D.learn - Access violation connecting a signal / slot

reply Enjoys Math <enjoysmath gmail.com> writes:
I have a class or struct (have tried both; same error):

module track_changes;

import std.array;
import std.signals;

class TrackChanges(T)
    T[] _stack;
    int _current = 0;
    mixin Signal!(T);

    TrackChanges opAssign(TrackChanges x) {
       this = x();
       return this;
    T opAssign(T x) {
       if (x != this.opCall()) {
          insertInPlace(_stack, ++_current, x);
       return x;
    T opCall() {
       return _stack[_current];

I've tried these two approaches (tried both; same error):

class MyClass : TrackChanges!MyClass {


class MyClass
     int b;
     TrackChanges!MyClass changes;

Both result in an access violation within the `std.signals` 
library upon calling connect in my main() program.
Oct 16 2018
parent Enjoys Math <enjoysmath gmail.com> writes:

I forgot to initialize some member variable along the way, which 
is a class so needed to be new'd.

Oct 16 2018