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digitalmars.D.learn - A tutorial on D templates: updates

reply Philippe Sigaud <philippe.sigaud gmail.com> writes:

[cross-posted with D.announce, since it's a topic of interest for people
learning D]

I posted there a few weeks ago about a tutorial on D templates I put in github:


Since then, I received numerous mails, issues, advices and thanks. Thank to you

Following the ideas found in TDPL, I wrote a D script to extract and test all
the samples presented
in the document. I'm proud to say that right now, all named (module XXX;)
samples compile, which
makes for more than 200 modules tested! Indeed, you could see the entire
document as a huge package
documentation :)

I also added explanations, new sections and a new appendix in D templates

As before, do not hesitate to read, comment, post and even send pull requests,
I'm all ears.


Jan 29 2012
parent NewName <b5451692 nwldx.com> writes:
I'm learning D. So thanks for the tutorial.
I hope D becomes more popular, as it deserves.
Jan 29 2012