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digitalmars.D.learn - 64 bit compiling linker issues for .def file. (Statements not supported.)

Configuration. Visual Studio 2010 with 64bit SDK's installed. Running 
Visual D. (Build system is Windows 7 Professional x64)
DMD build configuration set according to the wiki ( 
) minus the setting of the -m64 setting. (That forces the compiler to 
always compile in 64 bit. I do both 32 and 64 bit.)
Problem: While trying to compile any GUI program with the standard .def 
file (EXETPE:NT SUBSYSTEM WINDOWS), I get a linker error that states X 
"statement not supported for the target platform; ignored" for both of 
these commands. This, in turn will show the command prompt window during 
the running of the program.
     What are the correct settings to fix this?
Sep 08 2013