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First sorry, i have to let this one out.
I had some free time and like there is nothing better to do, i typed "d  
programming" in a few popular sites, forums.

All of them start with an honest question like "How is D?". No need to go  
far, war starts just with the first few replies.
Funny enough, most of these come from moderators and veterans. Mostly not  
a single argument, just blatant hatred (but mind you! they are polite!).
So like most people, i go and check the other posts of these "veterans".  
Guess what, a language crusader!

Some people trying to improve things in an honest way, and look what they  
get, it stinks.
No different than blowing your own head off.

That troll was right on one thing, you are swimming against stream, please  
keep doing that!
Thank you all!

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Nov 11 2010