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digitalmars.D.ide - Eclipse D Development Tools (DDT) plug-in version 0.10.2 released

(cross-post from the D.announce group: 
http://forum.dlang.org/post/syhegbknbnrjdxjdqmbd forum.dlang.org)

This release is really amazing. Among the main changes:

- Updated to CDT 8.4, thus fully compatible with Eclipse Luna
release series and takes many advantages of it (for example,
added Dynamic printf action to DDT editor ruler)
- Very much improved integration with DUB, allowing code
navigation through all files of the DUB project
- Compatible with Arch Linux packages for DMD/GDC/LDC
- Mouse hovering over an auto keyword will show the resolved type
- Many bug fixes

Highly recommended for Eclipse IDE users as DDT comes on par with
CDT. My honest impression: it was good until now, but from now on
it just entered the excellence period.

Project page:


Full changelog:


Installation instructions:


Eclipse install & update site:


Congratulations to Bruno Medeiros for his most excellent work!
Aug 28 2014