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Hello, I was searching for a good IDE or editor with dlang 
support and looking at the "editors" page in the wiki 
(https://wiki.dlang.org/Editors) Cudatext(and synwrite) have a 
really good built-in support for dlang.
However on internet there is no guide or discussion of how use 
all the listed feature, checking direclty the application seems 
that the editor is lack in the most of the feature, is it better 
to update the page?

In particular:
- The sintaxt hightlight it's not really complete
- The autocompletition, for me, works just for the "reserved 
words" of the language, doesn't seems to be completition of 
variables or classes, however there is this thread that ask for 
help with the integration of DCD 
(https://forum.dlang.org/post/nconcxjufnqmdoafpxum forum.dlang.org)
- The code navigation, I haven't tried, probably I will do it 
- For Building and Debugging seems that there is native support 
for gcc but I haven't checked if there is for gdc, however on 
internet there is no trace of in anywhere

If there is anyone that know how to do these things in cudatext 
and synwrite then I am really happy to try, otherwise maybe is 
better to add some notes to the page like for the other editors 
or just remove the check on the functionality

Thanks for any answer and sorry for the long post
Sep 17 2019