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[Oops. I posted in the wrong group ...]

It'll be several weeks before I can act on this, and probably several more
before DTL starts to incorporate non-generic components, but I think a
heads-up now might bear fruit down the line.

If, over the next few weeks, anyone would care to check out components from
STLSoft that they might like to see included in DTL, that'll help me gauge
where to aim first. For example, I'm just completing the chapter
(<advertainment> in my next book, Extended STL </advertainment>) on COM
Enumerators, and it occurs to me that a D-version of the enumerator_sequence
and collection_sequence classes might be very useful. There are lots of
components in STLSoft, so I don't expect any kind of complete coverage. (Try
and go for the low-hanging fruit if poss. <g>)

A nice side effect of this for me would be if people were to give informed
complaints about the docs. I mean, I know the docs are crap, but if people
give specific complaints I will address each one, and that'll help me get
STLSoft in a better state itself.


Jan 22 2006