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digitalmars.D.dtl - splitting up MinTL a bit

Since MinTL is pretty much stable I've split it up into two (or three 
counting the locks lib) zip files. The home page is the same 
http://home.comcast.net/~benhinkle/mintl/. The two zip files are mintl.zip 
with the no lock library and no concurrent sub-package, and mintlc.zip with 
locks and the concurrent sub-package. If you don't use any concurrent 
containers or locks you only need to get mintl.zip which cuts the library 
size in half (what is 1/2 of min? minimin?)

The locks library is also available all by itself at its home page 

Since dmd-116 just came out with warnings I briefly tried to see what 
warnings popped up but it looks like the warning checker gets confused by 
if-else statements and it starts erroring on "unreachable statement", so 
once those kinks get worked out of the compiler I'll probably be making 
another update.

I'll also be updating the API depending on how the AA "in" and key lookup 
discussion unfolds.

Mar 07 2005