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digitalmars.D - Minimal Template Library 1.0

I've made some more updates to MinTL and expanded the documentation (I
didn't use the output of doxygen since it choked too often). It has settled
enough to warrent a 1.0 version. I put the code in the public domain so
do with it whatever you want. It is available at

MinTL supports:
- containers: doubly linked list, sorted associative array (red-black tree),
associative arrays ordered by insertion order, circular array lists,
aliases for other containers

- semantics of containers follow the model of dynamic arrays and associative
arrays where possible. Most importantly slices of a container have the same
type as the original container. Memory usage and garbage generation is kept
to a minimum.

- polymorphic sequence of values or key-value pairs plus the ability to map
sequences by a delegate (ala Lisp/Python), find sub-sequences that satisfy
a condition and concatenate an arbitrary number of sequences. (function
literals are awesome for defining maps and conditions!)

- helper functions for builtin arrays to reserve space, reset associative
arrays, iterate backwards over the array and efficiently look up elements
in associative arrays
Aug 09 2004