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D.gnu - A tentative schedule for DTL

[I'm also posting to D.gnu and digitalmars.D as I want input from people who may
not naturally inhabit a template library NG. ;) ]

Good day and hearty felicitations, ye folks of inestimable patience and

In light of C's question, here're my current thoughts on timing. Bearing in mind


- Within the next few days I intend to release DTL 0.1, which will include some

few algorithms)
- as soon as Walter can solve the mixins issue I can release DTL 0.2, which will

container, I've done it for all, since it's a mixin. That's the point,

may be that I've cracked that already, or it may be a while away. I'll have to
get my D head on and go back to it. ;). Maybe DTL 0.3 can follow a few days
0.2 (or 0.1)

Subsequent to these fundamental aspects, the following would need to be done:
- determination and formalisation of the container/algorithm complexities, e.g.
is it 0logn, O^2, etc.
- implementation of a good spread of the fundamental containers and algorithms
that we'll all need. Note that I do not want to turn DTL into a kitchen-sink
outfit - and it does not need to be anyway, since DTL mixins and algorithms will
be usable with *any* containers (e.g. recls.Search) - but we do need a good set
of containers to take to the inaugural ball.
- lots of testing.
- d ... d ... d ... (calm, calm, calm). DOCUmentation.

If everything goes well, then we could see DTL 1.0 into Phobos in about two
months time. Naturally, it'll be available as a non-Phobos thing before then.
(I'm going to take the "arrogant" step of defining it in std.dtl, rather than in
synsoft.dtl, because it's just too much of a PITA for people who've used the
pre-std version to change over. I know this from my own experience in the
registry and recls modules. If anyone has a problem with this, you may sue my
hai.. ....... ..se! <G>)

Hope that's got you all brimming with confidence, saliva and trepidation.

May 04 2004