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digitalmars.D - dmd changesets: 422, 427, 428

I don't know if there is a better place to comment or ask questions about
dmd/Phobos changesets. If I don't find a better place I will post here my
future comments about the changesets.

dmd changeset 422:

Very good, I think I have asked for this change in one of my first posts in
this newsgroup :-)


dmd changeset 427:

Is this error given in the case of a single-module program that has file name
different from its module statement?


dmd changeset 428:

It fixes half of this (not mine) bug report (sorry for being unpolite: Walter
has balls):
The other half too of that bug report can be followed, renaming file suffixes
to something better for C++ code, like "cpp".

Mar 31 2010