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digitalmars.D.debugger - [ddbg] no support 64bit yet?

reply azurenote <azurenote.enseed gmail.com> writes:
Hi, I'm an newbie D user and have a question for constructing devlopment env.

I'm using Win7 64bit then I installed eclipse SDK 64bit version.

and, I tried integration ddbg. But it not works correctly..

Here it is the message that I got.

Ddbg 0.11.3 beta - D Debugger
Copyright (c) 2007 Jascha Wetzel
see http://ddbg.mainia.de/doc.html for documentation

Unhandled exception in Ddbg 0.11.3 beta:
DataReader.seek beyond end of data offset=2064256297, $=112

Please report this problem!
See the http://ddbg.mainia.de/releases.html for details.
Thank you!

How can I fix this problem? and Im sorry for my sloppy english.. T_T

Jan 15 2010
parent Trass3r <un known.com> writes:
ddbg isn't maintained anymore anyway.
In my experience the best working debugging approach on Windows is cv2pdb  
+ Visual Studio.
Jan 20 2010