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digitalmars.D.debugger - D language support in Zero -- update

reply Cristian Vlasceanu <cristian zero-bugs.com> writes:
Hi Walter,

Is dmd 1.011 "official" yet?

I will be releasing soon new builds of Zero, with:

1) full support for dynamic arrays (including slicing, only that the 
syntax is not [low..high] but [low:high] for compatibility with other 
parts of the expression evaluator);

2) sketchy support for associative arrays (i.e. debugger shows the type 
and the number of elements , but not a full "unwinding" of the 
associative arrays, nor will expression evaluation of myArray[myKey] 
work -- for now).

Also: I saw that David Anderson 
(http://reality.sgiweb.org/davea/dwarf.html) has a new libdwarf release 
out, to include some Sun Microsystems extensions. My next ZeroBUGS 
release will include those changes. From what I see, there's no overlap 
between said Sun extensions and the D Language extensions for dynamic 
and assoc arrays, but an extra pair of eyes would not hurt.

Apr 18 2007
parent Walter Bright <newshound1 digitalmars.com> writes:
Cristian Vlasceanu wrote:
 Hi Walter,
 Is dmd 1.011 "official" yet?
1.013 is a lot better <g>.
Apr 24 2007